Benefits of Zumba: The Fun That Slims


Dance, tone up, lose weight, take care of the heart, lower stress. What is the zumba and what are the benefits that make it the fitness trend of the year.

It is one of the branches of fitness that has grown the most in recent years around the world. And it has merit to spare to harvest fans of all ages: not only is it super fun but it is the ideal physical activity to lose weight and tone the body having a great time. Know the benefits of zumba and join the trend.

benefits of zumba

The combo that these classes offer is very complete, ranging from burning a lot of calories to generating endorphins and feeling better. In addition, it is a group activity that enhances social life, improving your quality of life in multiple planes.

What is Zumba

What is it about? It is very simple to explain: practicing zumba fitness is training the body by dancing Latin rhythms that, mixed with other genres and international music with good aerobic “pulse”, invite you to get moving in a super fun and very intense way.

Choreographies are mounted on Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, a combination of dance and aerobic routines that allow to train in a more entertaining way.

benefits of zumba

Such is the boom of these disciplines that there are currently eight types of Zumba classes. The best known are Gold, Fitness, Toning and Aqua.

Benefits of Doing Zumba

The benefits of these classes as hectic as they are fun are so many that it is worth going for part. We can include that it has great cardiovascular benefits and that it helps to lose weight in a healthy way. But let’s put the question:

  • Happy heart: dancing at a good pace improves the cardiovascular system and respiratory capacity. Our general physical condition will be clearly enhanced by spending an hour moving the skeleton.
  • Toning: The movements that are made in this practice are very good to strengthen the muscles of the whole body. If you concentrate to “stick your belly” while you move, your abs will be much stronger in a short time. In addition, it is ideal for working on the buttocks and arms, since its composition of intervals and resistances maximizes caloric consumption and tones significantly.
  • Better coordination: by learning choreography and keeping up with the rhythm, classes improve coordination, stimulating areas of the brain that it is good to keep young.
  • Lose weight: if you want to burn calories and shape your body, it is an excellent option. The more intense the class, the more energy and fats you can burn. According to its creators in each session you can get to burn 800 calories.
  • Low stress: music, choreography and the need to focus on the steps invite you to turn off your head for a while, prioritizing the body over the mind, something that does super good in these days of bulging and urgent agendas.
  • Stimulates the memory: by having to remember the movements so as not to make mistakes, you stimulate the brain.

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More Other Benefits of Zumba

  • Increase self-esteem: to see ourselves better and feel more vital, the image we see in the mirror will be much more pleasant and will help us to go through life in a different way.
  • It stimulates good humor: Zumba is fun, it is joy and it is vitality. That’s why doctors consider them an excellent antidepressant.
  • Increases sociability: in general, it generates a very nutritious community in affective terms. Without a doubt, it will boost your social life.

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What to Wear to Make Zumba

The sporty chic is fashionable and in the fitness there are options that you can use inside and outside of the classes.

Zumba clothing

The brands have risen to the trend with super colorful tights, muscle shirts and tights, attractive designs, phrases, lightweight and super comfortable fabrics and proposals that rejuvenate and lift the mood.

Sneakers for zumba

There is no specific footwear to take classes, but fitness shoes are recommended, which are flexible and stretch fabrics and hug the foot. It is important that the sole has grip.

Train at home

Another of the benefits of this sport is that you can practice at home without spending a peso, since you can find free classes both on YouTube and in applications.

Where and when did it arise

Knowing the origin of this popular fitness proposal is very interesting. It comes from the word “rumba”, whose meaning is party for the Colombians. The person who created this concept was Alberto, a gym teacher from Cali, Colombia, at the end of the 90s. One day he forgot the music for his class and took out of his car several CDs of Latin music. From that moment and due to the success of his new classes in the gym, he decided to turn it into a sports discipline.

Remember that if you do not need any prerequisite to practice, it is good to have the physical fitness up to date, finally as with any physical activity. Done this, it only remains to move and have fun.


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