Best Excursions With Your Pet in Paris


Best Excursions You Cannot miss in Paris

If you want to visit a best place with your pet then we suggest paris. Here in this article we are suggesting you some of the places in paris that you can go to excursions with your pets. To visit a city as big as Paris you will need at least 4 or 5 whole days to kick the city well and know its secrets. Also it is convenient that you plan your visit well and make the necessary preparations before leaving.

Best Excursions With Your Pet in Paris

To maximize the time in Paris on many occasions it is advisable to sign up for a tour or a guided tour of the city. In this way we can enter the museums without queuing we avoid the loss of time that supposes not knowing the place and through the knowledge of a specialized English speaking guide we will learn much more than if we made the visit for ourselves.

Paris to your Air Independently

A very practical way to make an independent visit to Paris without missing any detail is to get involved with the Paris Pass card.

It is especially indicated for those all terrains that do not want to miss anything and want to visit at least 7 or 8 tourist attractions. If you are not going to move a lot or just plan to visit 3 or 4 sites I would not advise you.

With it you can use all the public transport you want enter more than 60 tourist attractions in Paris including the most outstanding as the Louvre Museum, the Musée d’Orsay, access to the highest of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the classic Stroll along the Seine or even free entry to more distant places like the Palace of Versailles.

In many of these sites you can skip the queue as soon as you arrive. Something that is worth its price in gold in the middle of summer when the others sweat the fat drop in front of the doors of the Louvre Museum.

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Guided Tour in the Louvre Museum

The first time I visited the Louvre I went unexpectedly and without planning. I had to wait a long time in the queue to buy the tickets and once inside I was not sure where to go and what areas of the museum were worth visiting.

For museums as gigantic as the Louvre it is a good option to hire a guided tour in your own language. In this way we avoid queues and see the most important areas as well as some more exclusive rooms. And at all times accompanied by someone to whom we can ask about the topics that interest us most of the works on display.


Activities and Walks in Paris

One of the visits that can not be missed in Paris is the climb to the Eiffel Tower. You can avoid the queues to buy standard tickets. They usually go a little more expensive than the usual ticket but you make sure you can upload and you will not waste time. You can do it through the link to tickets to the Eiffel Tower without queues.

Walking at night in Paris has its charm whether you are alone or accompanied. If you are a fan of Íker Jiménez and your promenade, you will add a guided tour with the mysteries and legends that cohabit with the buildings and streets around you which will surely add to the charm of the walk.

Also on a romantic night in Paris you can not miss your boat trip on the Seine and dine under the beautiful lights that illuminate the city. To avoid the possibility of not missing an occasion so the ideal is to book it in advance and and in the following link you have everything done: cruise on the Seine with gourmet dinner.

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Excursion to the Palace of Versailles

Once in Paris you may not want to leave without knowing the most famous palace in the world with those extensive gardens that have appeared in so many period films. It is an activity that we can do perfectly for free but a clear example that sometimes it is advisable to hire a tour to avoid the losses involved in public transport queues at the entrance etc.

Also there is the option of simply hiring transport and then go your way through the Palace with the audio guide in your ear certainly cheaper. In the following link you can hire an excursion to the Palace of Versailles.

Excursion to Disneyland from Paris

In order to please all the members of the family it might be convenient to add at least one day to enjoy the attractions of Disneyland Paris. In this way the little ones will enjoy their favorite companions.

Due to the distance the usual thing is to sleep there at least one night but if you go in a hurry of time you can also do it on a marathon day from Paris (for you for the little ones they sure have energy for that and much more). In that case public transport will help you little and you will need to sign up for an organized excursion.


Hope you have got the best places in paris to visit with your pet. In this we are mentioning only the places the places that are good for pets. If you have any other simply share with us. These are the Best Excursions With Your Pet in Paris.


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