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SiГџor Lol

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A character in player's hand is called a Champion. A complete character spoiler is HERE. Add Champion. Points manipulation. Score manipulation.

Sign In. From Coraabia Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Guardian Xenno Mercenary Unliving Outlaw. Add trick.

Pages in category "Character cards" The following pages are in this category, out of total. Categories : Characters Cards.

Hidden category: Pages with broken file links. MrFloridaMan said:. Classic Red Herring, unless your trying to suggest we should be entirely morally relativistic.

Admittedly democracies are one bad election from similar problems, but that can be mitigated far more easily than a system that ties the line of succession to a single family line.

EXiCUR a wanderer, lost. What I think is really at heart here is "what the Tenno do" and "why they do it".

The Tenno - or at the very least, a good majority of the Tenno - are Good Guys in the overall sense. They don't want oppression or tyrannical empires, and they fight those same empires.

However, how they go about that is much more murky. There is no denying that a Tenno does horrible, indescribable things to their enemies.

Whether or not they deserve it is less important than the fact that we burn, electrocute, melt into radioactive goop, explode, tear into chunks, drown in an endless extradimensional horror ocean, literally eat , or any other number of genuinely horrific fates that await Grineer, Corpus, and Infested.

I'm not saying the Tenno are bad guys for doing these to our enemies, but there is a clear lack of morals when it comes do accomplishing the Tenno's overall goals.

We have the Geneva Convention for a reason - the Tenno don't have to use a miniature black hole launcher to suck everyone into the same space and then throw a jet-powered acid-covered hammer at them, or fire electric viral glass slugs that explode and shred flesh through armor.

They could very much get it done in other ways, possibly even more efficient, maybe less, but we choose not to.

Tenno are horror movie monsters to the enemies they face. Tenno also fight for the little people. It's the contrast between these two extremes, at least to me, that make them so interesting.

Trias Pandora Cinnamon bun kitty. Wasn't the original Orokin culture all about duality? The Mind and the Flesh, Day and Night, all that?

Trias Pandora said:. Broken Mirror Strange Person. The Distant Prince said:. Tenno are monsters. Tenno are the demons that were sealed away for forever and day, only those seals were broken because other monsters were at the gates of heaven and the gods grew desperate.

They are monsters that kill monsters, kill villians, kill gods. The Tenno are monsters. They do things that are unforgivable.

EXiCUR said:. In my view, at least, the Tenno are more of a balancing force than some binary "good" or "bad". More Eastern than Western philosophy, so to speak.

It was one of their philosophies that was replaced with all the gold and self-worship , but we don't have enough to say that it was their original culture.

A civilization as old as the Orokin probably went through a few phases. Okay, here's a question from another side of the ballpark.

Do the Tenno celebrate holidays? What about their birthdays? Once they awakened into their current age, did the make holidays up?

Also, can you tell me where you found the lore about the Orokin erasing their pasts? Last edited: May 30, Oh okay!

Sorry, misread that. Captain Dodgers Looking for Martians. They may have just changed to mark of another decade or some such thing.

Time is relative, and to them a day would be like a year to us. And I see you ignoring things I said there like 'not actually their fault' and later on me pointing out more important things to just concentrate on how they were designed to look scary.

I've posted at least Frames that Tenno choose to use, followed by using their abilities, not even mentioning the weapon based carnage.

I know you've quoted some of them, so I don't really see a point in repeating it, though if you really want me to, I can. A, there's a difference between just killing people, and what Tenno can and do.

B, Once again, Simaris, lord of eternal digital torture, employer of Tenno. C, Killing, by itself, may or may not be wrong on an individual basis, based on what's happening.

What Tenno and Frames do is wholesale slaughter , which is different hopefully than what soldiers do.

Seriously, though: WTF? Can you chill? On that note, here is what I think is the most applicable dictionary definition of monster: "an inhumanly cruel or wicked person.

Even if you map some of the things we the players do to what the Tenno and assume that, for example, the Tenno's weapons have the effect of a powerful acid, or a deadly virus, or powerful incendiaries, it's not like we build for Corrosive or Viral or Heat because we want our enemies to suffer, it's because it's the fastest way to kill them.

And for the Tenno, killing their foes is generally necessary in order to defend their wards. Broken Mirror said:. Literally the only thing about the Tenno that can really be held as "Monstrous" is how they fight, quite literally everything else they do paints them as genuinely heroic, albeit weird and spooky, figures.

I think that's the entirety of his point, that if you use monstrous means, you are de facto a monster. But as I said earlier, this is a matter of values dissonance.

The Tenno are not likely to see themselves as monsters because of how they fight, and opinions in the Origin System on the matter would be entirely faction-specific.

Granted, certain individual Tenno might see themselves as having monstrous pasts due to how the Orokin used them, but that's a different matter altogether.

Sablesword said:. It's interesting to note that the Tenno seem to be viewed in a very positive light by everyone who's not the Grineer or the Corpus.

To the point of children in Cetus playing at being Tenno. Colaymorak said:. Though I'd say that's kinda a side effect of fighting an army not made of clones, you're always gonna be killing someone's cousin.

Prinny The Gamer Made of Explodum. SpartanCommande said:. Well Fortuna is a dept internment camp most of the poeple where are likely former corpus who have somehow either been on the wrong end of a corprate take over or fell into dept somehow.

Some are still paying off family depts so it would explain the concernt. Fortuna is likely a mix of Tenno I can get them to have pay back to oh no tenno.

Or Ugh Tenno I don't want anything to do with them. All for lots of different reasons there. The fact that tenno actually will donate to pay off Solaris dept would likely cause some to be hopeful for visits.

Linkstore said:. From a gameplay perspective, you'd be correct but in every cinematic, we see some the most heavily armored Grineer get one tapped to the head with boring old bullet guns without any elemental effects, or we see them get casually get carved up by standard blades.

We also fight them with gas, radiation, strains of the infestation, and complete disintegration via the Void, etc. Those are all very inhumane ways of killing and as has been proven extremely overkill.

Those are all very inhumane ways of killing. If you want "inhuman ways of killing", don't look at weapons - look at Warframe abilities.

Hydroid slowly drowns you in an inescapable pit of oceanic horror, Saryn melts you from the inside out with an incurable toxin of impossible lethality, Nyx mind-rapes everyone to kill each other, Garuda rips out all your blood, Nidus, Grendel, and Inaros literally eat people alive The list goes on.

The Distant Prince Aiat. They're just Lots of telling, no showing, among other things, and I'm very italic happy. Part of the reason this took so long is I'm trying , key word here, to do somewhat better than that, and if I get into doing this more regularly, I'll probably go back and rework them.

This still doesn't seem good, but if I don't actully post this, I'll just never go anywhere trying to write it.

On top of all that Nekros just didn't want to do this chapter, which is surprisingly fitting, so it feels like I had to force it to happen.

I'm going whole hog into 'Warframe abilities are very limited by gameplay' here, and playing fast and loose with how they may actully work, so considered yourselves warned.

As it turned out, I had more than enough money. I had suspected it, but with no idea how currency worked here I couldn't understand quite how much money I had accumulated.

Or, for that matter, that I had two kinds of money: wupiupi, the primacy form of currency in the Outer Rim, and Republic Credits, used, obviously, in the Republic.

Apparently, though, the credit was all but worthless here, which in retrospect explained why the merchant had offered so much of it for that last set of blasters.

Still, it would be useful once I ended up in the Republic, which I would inevitably, so it worked out for me all the same.

After Shmi took pity on my complete ignorance, I interrogated her: how much a slave sold for, what documentation was needed, the location and temperament of her current master It was disgusting, but useful, information, and it's not like I haven't done worse before.

Still, as I found myself in front of Watto's shop, I felt better for having it. It was always best to be armed, after all.

Entering, I took in the shop: proxies were stacked haphazardly on shelves or the floor, those with the bipedal build the galaxy seemed to favor mixed with somewhat more exotic styles with no apparent organization to their display.

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