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Vinland ist der Name, den der aus Island stammende Leif Eriksson einem Teil Nordamerikas um das Jahr gab, als er vermutlich als erster Europäer dort landete. Der Skálholtsbók zufolge geschah es auf der Rückreise von Europa, dass Leif etwas. Winland Internationale Spedition GmbH. Don't worry, we carry! Start. Europäische LKW Verkehre. Kurier Service. Container Verkehre. HWD Transport. ImpressumWinland Internationale Spedition GmbH AirCom Parc D7 Halskestr. D RatingenTelefon: +49 (0) / 49 68 - 0Internet: gswitch.cod. Vinland (früher auch Winland, oft als „Weinland“ gedeutet) ist der Name, den der aus Island stammende Leif Eriksson einem Teil Nordamerikas um das Jahr. WINLAND Internationale Spedition GmbH, Ratingen. 32 likes. Don't worry, we carry!


Nach 20 Jahren Geschäftstätigkeit übergibt Horst Winterling, bisheriger Alleineigentümer der Winland Internationale Spedition GmbH in. Nach dieser Zeit wird sparsamer in den auf uns gekommenen Sagen der Vorzeit von Fahrten nach Winland geredet. Die Entlegenheit des Landes legte. Winland Bilanz/GuV: Hier finden Sie die Bilanz/GuV-Seite für den Wert Winland. Winland Holdings Corporation Registered Shs: Die Aktie (in USD). Retrieved National Geographic Society. Een erg mooi bloemstuk voor Pasen. With his ships he recently investigated the extent of the northern Ocean but finally had to turn back when the extreme please click for source of the world disappeared in fog before his eyes. Bekijk dit bloemstukje en vele andere paasstukjs online op tuinadvies. Alles in Snoeigereedschap Alles Wahrscheinlichkeit Ziegenproblem Bedingte Buxusscharen Anderen zochten ook: tuinschaar Alles in Snoeigereedschapaccessoires Anderen zochten ook: stihl pg 10 Anderen zochten ook: snoeizaag. Winland Winland Internationale Spedition GmbH | 6 Follower auf LinkedIn | Winland Internationale Spedition GmbH is a company based out of 20 Halskestraße. alle Handschriften Winland, wie in der Note bemerkt ist. Hieraus ist mit Sicherheit zu schliessen, dass die Isländer darunter nicht Windland (Wendenland). alle Handschriften Winland, wie in der Note bemerkt ist. Hieräus ist mit Sicherheit zu schliessen, dass die Isländer darunter nicht Windland (Wendenland). Handschriften Winland, wie in der Note bemerkt Hieraus ist mit Sicherheit zu schliessen, dass giänder daFonter nicht Windländ (Wendenland) irn Winland. Hier wird auch Leifs als Entdeders von Winland gedacht. S. is. „ wischen Winland und Grönland ist Gin: nunga gap (ein sonst aus der mythischen.

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Anderen bekeken ook. Green Arrow Snoeischaar 3-Traps 20cm 5. Talen Tools Talen Tools snoeischaar 3-traps 0. The definition of Vinland is somewhat elusive.

The study of the early Norse voyages to North America is a field of research characterized by controversy and conflicting, often irreconcilable, opinions and conclusions.

These circumstances result from the fact that details of the voyages exist only in two Icelandic sagas which contradict each other on basic issues and internally are vague and contain nonhistorical passages.

This leads him to conclude that "there is not a Vinland, there are many Vinlands". According to a reply by Matti Kaups in the same journal, [30].

Certainly there is a symbolic Vinland as described and located in the Groenlandinga saga ; what seems to be a variant of this Vinland is narrated in Erik the Red's Saga.

There are, on the other hand, numerous more recent derivative Vinlands, each of which actually is but a suppositional spatial entity.

In geographical terms, Vinland is sometimes used to refer generally to all areas in North America beyond Greenland that were explored by the Norse.

In the sagas, however, Vinland is sometimes indicated to not include the territories of Helluland and Markland , which appear to also be located in North America beyond Greenland.

The Old Norse and Icelandic languages were, and are, very flexible in forming compound words. Sixteenth century Icelanders realized that the "New World" which European geographers were calling "America" was the land described in their Vinland Sagas.

The scales of degrees in the map margins are inaccurate. This effective identification of northern Newfoundland with the northern tip of Vinland was taken up by later Scandinavian scholars such as bishop Hans Resen.

Although it is generally agreed, based on the saga descriptions, that Helluland includes Baffin Island , and Markland represents at least the southern part of the modern Labrador, there has been considerable controversy over the location of the actual Norse landings and settlement.

Comparison of the sagas, as summarized below, shows that they give similar descriptions and names to different places.

One of the few reasonably consistent pieces of information is that exploration voyages from the main base sailed down both the east and west coasts of the land; this was one of the factors which helped archaeologists locate the site at L'Anse aux Meadows , at the tip of Newfoundland's long northern peninsula.

Charting the overlap of the limits of wild vine and wild salmon habitats, Wahlgren indicates a location near New York.

Other clues appear to place the main settlement farther south, such as the mention of a winter with no snow and the reports in both sagas of grapes being found.

A very specific indication in the Greenlanders' Saga of the latitude of the base has also been subject to misinterpretation.

This passage states that in the shortest days of midwinter, the sun was still above the horizon at "dagmal" and "eykt", two specific times in the Norse day.

Carl Christian Rafn , in the first detailed study of the Norse exploration of the New World, "Antiquitates Americanae" , interpreted these times as equivalent to am and 4.

However, an Icelandic law text gives a very specific explanation of "eykt", with reference to Norse navigation techniques.

The eight major divisions of the compass were subdivided into three hours each, to make a total of 24, and "eykt" was the end of the second hour of the south-west division, which in modern terms would be pm.

Newfoundland marine insurance agent and historian William A. It is most likely this was the main settlement of the sagas, a "gateway" for the Norse Greenlanders to the rich lands farther south.

Many wooden objects were found at L'Anse aux Meadows, and radiocarbon dating confirms the site's occupation as being confined to a short period around CE.

In addition, a number of small pieces of jasper , known to have been used in the Norse world as fire-strikers , were found in and around the different buildings.

When these were analyzed and compared with samples from jasper sources around the north Atlantic area, it was found that two buildings contained only Icelandic jasper pieces, while another contained some from Greenland; also a single piece from the east coast of Newfoundland was found.

These finds appear to confirm the saga claim that some of the Vinland exploration ships came from Iceland and that they ventured down the east coast of the new land.

Based on such interpretations and archaeological evidence, it is now generally accepted that L'Anse aux Meadows was the main base of the Norse explorers, [36] but the southernmost limit of the Norse exploration remains a subject of intense speculation.

Lawrence River , as Jacques Cartier did years later, finding both wild vines and nut trees. Three butternuts were a further important find at L'Anse aux Meadows: another species which grows only as far north as the St.

L'Anse Aux Meadows was a small and short-lived encampment; [7] perhaps it was primarily used as timber-gathering forays and boat repair, rather than permanent settlements like Greenland.

The main resources that the people of Vinland relied on were wheat, berries, wine and fish. However, the wheat in the Vinlandic context is sandwort and not traditional wheat, and the grapes mentioned are native North American grapes, because the European grape vitis vinifera and wheat triticum existing in the New World before the Viking arrival in the tenth century is highly unlikely.

The sagas specifically mention salmon, and note how the salmon that was encountered was larger than any salmon they had seen before.

Before arriving to Vinland, the Norsemen imported their lumber from Norway while in Greenland and had occasional birch trees for firewood.

Therefore, the timber they acquired in North America increased their supply of wood. An authentic lateth-century Norwegian silver penny , with a hole for stringing on a necklace, was found in Maine.

Its discovery by an amateur archaeologist in is controversial; questions have been raised whether it was planted as a hoax.

Other claimed Norse artifacts in the area south of the St. Lawrence include a number of stones inscribed with runic letters. The Kensington Runestone was found in Minnesota , but is generally considered a hoax.

The authenticity of the Spirit Pond runestones , recovered in Phippsburg, Maine , is also questioned. The age and origin of these stones is debated, and so far none has been firmly dated or associated with clear evidence of a medieval Norse presence.

Point Rosee , on the southwest coast of Newfoundland, was thought to be the location of a possible Norse settlement. The site was discovered through satellite imagery in by Sarah Parcak.

John's, Newfoundland, [49] Sarah Parcak and Gregory "Greg" Mumford wrote that they "found no evidence whatsoever for either a Norse presence or human activity at Point Rosee prior to the historic period" [50] and that "None of the team members, including the Norse specialists, deemed this area as having any traces of human activity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Area of coastal North America explored by Norse Vikings. Not to be confused with Finland.

For other uses, see Vinland disambiguation. Retrieved 21 June Wonders Canada's Changing North. The Vinland Sagas.

London: Penguin. Parks Canada. Retrieved Checkmark Books. Archived from the original on I myself held that view for a long time.

Two factors crystallized this idea in my mind. One was my subsequent research into early French exploitation outposts in Acadia Wallace and the nature of migration Anthony [ Here was the smoking gun that linked the limited environment of northern Newfoundland with a lush environment in the Gulf of St.

Lawrence, where wild grapes did indeed exist. The mythical Vinland had a basis in archaeological fact.

Some manuscripts have the gloss id est terra vini. Adam Bremensis Lib. IV, Cap. Schmeidler , p. Henley, Jon.

Bilberries: the true taste of northern England The Guardian , 9 June A cognate name also existed in Old English Anglo-Saxon , in the name of the village Woolland in Dorset , England: this was written "Winlande" in the Domesday Book , and it is interpreted as "meadow land" or "pasture land".

Odense University Press. See also Kirsten A. Seaver, Maps, Myths and Men. John Th.

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