5 Plans to Enjoy the Summer with Your Dog


Holidays With Your Dog in Summer

You have been waiting all year for the good weather to come to do more activities with your dog. You want to share experiences with him and have fun together. Surely at this point you already have in mind some ideas to get it. But in case you have not yet decided we tell you our 5 favorite plans.

plans with your dog

Below are some of the plans that you can implement and enjoy with your dog. If you love your pet then it is quite important to take your pet for a tour.

Plans With Your Dog in Summer

The holidays are approaching and I’m sure you have a lot of desire to enjoy them with your pet. To do this you must take into account what to do to ensure that your best friend feels good during the experience. If you want your trip to go perfectly we give you 5 infallible tips.

1. Sea sun and sand fun guaranteed

Dogs love the beach almost as much as you especially when after playing together you can cool off with a good dip.

Every year there are more cities that have beaches for dogs so that they can enjoy the experience without being subject to time restrictions. These beaches are equipped with specific urban furniture to ensure its proper functioning and meet the needs of dogs.

Yes The sun and heat can bother your pet and harm your health so we advise you to bring an umbrella and plenty of water so that it is protected at all times.

It is also advisable to avoid the hours in which the sun is more intense and the sand is heated excessively because your dog could suffer burns on the pads of the legs.

During your stay at the beach do not lose sight of it. Watch closely to avoid losing or bother other dogs and owners.

Finally when you return home check very well the ears and ears of your dog and clean them in case you detect water or sand inside. This way you will avoid infections.


2. From terraces around the city with your dog

A street or a charming square. A book A quiet conversation Shadow and a cold drink. Do you have a better plan? Well imagine if you can also take your dog and live the experience together.

The terraces are great places to relax with your dog and enjoy the city. Currently most bars allow pets access to the terraces provided they are watched by their owners and some even incorporate details to make them feel at home.

Dogs love company so whether you stay with someone or not your dog will not hesitate to settle down next to your feet put on a happy face and pay attention to everything that happens around you.

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3. Can i cross a great way of doing sports

The can i cross is a sport activity that will allow you to exercise accompanied by your dog. Sharing kilometers with him can become an extra motivation for both of you to be in shape.

In principle any dog ​​over a year can go to run with you provided you have no health problems and that its morphology (size and weight) is adequate for physical efforts.

To practice the can i cross you will need a basic equipment a harness of shot a line of shot with shock absorber and a specific belt for you that must be reinforced in the back to avoid damages in your lumbar area.

It is vital that you respect the progression of your dog no matter how accustomed you are to running. Try to adjust to your initial rhythm and increase it as you go on taking the habit. Choose hours in which the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees avoid the hardness of the asphalt and make sure that your dog is hydrated before during and after the activity.

The sensations when running with your pet vary considerably to those of going alone. Your dog will set a pace for you and help you with a little tug at the most necessary times.

4. The bikejoring

The Bikejoring is a sport that increasingly has more followers because besides being fun it is an excellent activity for you and your dog to exercise and free your stress by sharing a fantastic day of mountain biking.

Anyone can do bikejoring provided that your physical conditions are appropriate and that your dog exceeds 15 Kg. Of weight and a year and a half of age. It is also important that your limbs are robust and you do not have any health problems in your joints.

It is practiced in places far from the asphalt in which the soil of grass or soil predominates. The dog joins the bike through a special harness and a line of fire which holds him but allows him to move and run with complete freedom.

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5. Hiking with dogs

Walking with dogs is a very common practice that can help you discover new corners and landscapes. This option is highly recommended since it allows your dog to socialize with other dogs and you can make sure that the chosen place meets all the security requirements that this activity requires.

If you decide to try this practice the first thing you should know is that walking with your dog through nature is very beneficial to increase your interrelation and get to know your pet better because being their natural habitat dogs behave as they really are. The mountain and the forest will give you the opportunity to run at your own pace track and discover smells. And that is going to love it.

Another positive aspect of hiking is that neither your dog nor you need much preparation. Just make sure you take a portable trough and drinker (folding) and that you avoid your dog walking on difficult surfaces that can damage the pads of their legs.

In certain websites or apps like Mr. Dog you can find suggestions of the best routes and initiatives of group hiking. They will surprise you!


So with this you might know about the 5 Plans to Enjoy the Summer with Your Dog you can see more our guides about the pets. Share this article in the social networking sites if you like them. Hope for a positive feedback from You. Thanks.


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