Holidays With your Cat: 5 Tips to Spend Happy Days


How to Spend Holidays With Your Cats

Holidays with Your cat: Holidays are just around the corner and you are eager to enjoy them with your cat. Do not hesitate to do it. It is true that felines are absolutely territorial animals and any change of environment causes them stress. Therefore we offer you these 5 tips so that your stay with your cat is as pleasant as possible.

Holidays With your Cat

No doubt about it cats are great pets. After all what’s better than going home at the end of a hard day and listening to the purr of satisfaction of an adorable hairball? Having a cat is very beneficial but it is important to choose it carefully to be sure that you will adapt well to your fluffy friend. Your ideal cat will depend on your lifestyle and your personal preferences. For example you may want an adult cat to caress in your lap or have a kitten of a special breed in mind.

Tips to Spend With Cat

Studies show that people with pets are usually healthier and happier than those who do not but remember that having a cat is a great responsibility and a commitment for life. When you are ready to assume this commitment you will find that having a cat offers advantages.


1. Find a perfect place for your cat

Currently there are a lot of websites aimed at people who decide to travel with their pets. In any of them they will inform you about the characteristics of the accommodation and the rules that you must respect.

Some cats have a series of acquired behaviors (scratching furniture, curtains, marking territory with urine). Which are not always taken into account or assumed by the owners of hotels or hostels or any other accommodations. Demand all the information you need to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Better safe than sorry

It is convenient to take your pet a few days before the veterinarian to make sure you do not have any health problems that arise during the trip. In addition, in this visit they will be able to inform you of what to do to calm your feline during the journey and during the first hours that he will spend in an environment unknown to him.

There are a series of natural treatments that can “prepare” the cat to be somewhat calmer. These treatments require to be administered time before the trip (a week or two). The use of feline hormones both before and during and after the trip is highly recommended. since pheromones make them feel more secure.

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3. Before and during the journey

For the trip you will need a cat transport and the characteristics of it will depend on the means of transport. Airplanes and trains usually charge extras for pets in addition to having an animal limit in the passenger section and specific measures for transporters. It is highly advisable to call the company to learn about these points and avoid unexpected events.

If you go by car the possibilities are more varied. The transport can be rigid or not and there are even calmer cats with a specific safety belt for them because with it they reduce the possible sensation of drowning.


The ideal is to place the transport on the floor next to the seats so that it moves as little as possible and NEVER leave them loose in the car.

If the trip is very long it is convenient to make a stop every so often. Administering water with a syringe is recommended. You must avoid feeding (they can vomit) or remove it from the carrier (a scared cat can become uncontrollable and run away).

The transport can go with the bottom lined with absorbent soaps (in case you urinate or vomit) and it never hurts put a toy that smells of your home.

4. We have reached our destination

Once we arrive at the holiday site we must choose a room (the bathroom can be a good option) and leave your cat’s belongings there as well as the transport (which can serve as a refuge).

During the first day we will avoid altering it and we will try to make it calm. In a few hours your curiosity will take you out and start exploring the environment.

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5. Avoid unnecessary risks

Although we have all the precautions in the world it is essential to have our microchipped cat with updated data. If the cat escaped from the vacation spot the chip could make whoever found it return it or at least identify you as the owner.

In Spain there is the REIAC the Spanish Network for the Identification of Companion Animals to which 17 autonomous communities belong besides Ceuta and Melilla. Pet max, which gathers information from 33 international databases.

You can also put a necklace on your feline with a plaque which contains your phone number. This simple solution can save you time and trouble.


Hope you have got some best tips to spent holidays with your cat. You can take your cat to a holiday with our guides. If you have any other things to share simply use the comment box below. Like the article and share it in the social networking sites if you like them.


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